Furniture 101 : The Function of Console Table and Side Table

Furniture 101 : The Function of Console Table and Side Table

Console table and side table serve as versatile and essential pieces of furniture in any home or space. While often admired for their aesthetic appeal, these tables also fulfill practical roles, providing convenient surfaces for displaying decor, storing essentials, or simply adding a finishing touch to a room's layout. 

Whether nestled against a wall or positioned alongside furniture, console and side tables offer functionality without sacrificing style, making them indispensable elements of interior design.

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The Function of Console Table

The console table serves as a table to complete the living space. However, console tables are commonly found in the foyer and bedroom. Console tables have a variety of functions. When positioned in the living room or entryway, it serves as a showcase table. When installed in the bedroom, it can be utilized to display pieces of art, making the space even more appealing.

Where You Should Put The Console Table?

Hallway or Entryway

You can place a console table in the entryway or foyer. The console table in the entrance will give guests a rich, friendly impression. You can place a mirror behind the console table to enhance illumination and beauty effects, particularly in the entryway.  

Replace the mirror with wall art, and the console table will serve to visually ground the item. It also attracts attention to the artwork because it is naturally at eye level when placed on the console table.

Bed Room 

This application can be used in the bedroom and combined with an accent chair or stool to create a personalized bedroom vanity. Adding a table light to the side and filling the surface with jewelry and perfume produces a practical and aesthetically pleasing item. 

Adding a table light to the side and filling the surface with jewelry and perfume creates a practical and aesthetically pleasing item. With the larger surface area, you'll have plenty of room for your books and reading lamp. The negative space beneath the table is ideal for bins or other decorative storage for linens and personal things.

Living Room 

Try utilizing one as an extended side table, or set it against a wall to enhance the area and provide an out-of-the-way surface for removing miscellaneous items, which can help to declutter the coffee table.

Console tables and lamps are adoring each other. So consider arranging one or two symmetrically on the surface. As with other living room furniture, choose one that complements the room's existing decor. Console tables can be utilized as both TV stands and media consoles. Their thin body and high surface make them perfect for certain living spaces.

Marble & Co introduced three console table designs as part of the Green Oasis sage onyx furniture collection. So you can select what meets your preferences. Of course, our console table design differs from past furniture lines. 

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The Function of Side Table 

A side table functions as a companion to the side of a sofa or chair. Its function is for placing coffee, snacks, or important objects that must always be beside you. However, nowadays side tables are not just a companion to chairs. You can be creative in placing a side table as a centerpiece or work desk. 

As A Workstation 

Using a side table is also an option for you who do not have a workplace and like working in an open space. Use your side table to create a portable workstation that can be moved around the house and serves as an ideal seat-height stand for your laptop. 

As A Bedside Table

Not only does it function next to a chair or sofa, you can place a side table on the side of the bed. Having an additional table next to the bed will make it easier for you to put your smartphone or important items that need to be near.

You can find a side table with an onyx design as table legs from the Green Oasis furniture collection from Marble&Co. Bring your dream furniture home and enjoy every pattern of onyx in your daily activities. Get our newest furniture collection here.

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