Furniture Trends 2024: Onyx Material and Natural Hues

Furniture Trends 2024: Onyx Material and Natural Hues

Annually, the popularity of marble furniture sees ongoing growth, as furniture styles swiftly evolve to meet consumer preferences. In 2024, designers have identified a notable trend the incorporation of earthy color palettes. This trend is anticipated to be further enhanced by the inclusion of exquisite onyx materials, creating a harmonious fusion of earthy hues.

The Origin of Onyx Material

Onyx is a type of natural stone that has been used for centuries in various architectural and decorative applications. It originates from sedimentary rocks formed from the gradual crystallization. Onyx is a type of metamorphic rock that formed from limestone. 

Onyx has been prized for its beauty and unique appearance since ancient times. It has been used in the construction of buildings, sculptures, and decorative items, as well as in jewelry and other ornamental applications. This year, onyx continues to be a popular choice for interior design projects due to its luxurious aesthetic and versatility, and of course the beautiful shade and color.

Onyx as Furniture Trends 2024

Have you ever imagined onyx material as furniture? This year, onyx is increasingly being used as a material for furniture. Onyx also has beautiful motifs so the design will remain timeless and still look charming even after many years.

Because of its exquisite appearance and eye-catching patterning, onyx creates an appealing natural stone surface for furnishings such as console table, vanity tops or even dining table. 

Its low porosity makes it waterproof and stain-resistant, and its resilience maintains lifespan and integrity throughout time. Onyx distinctive qualities make it a popular choice for homeowners wishing to add value and uniqueness to their living space. 

Onyx materials have a one-of-a-kind appearance, making them the ideal centerpiece for any living space. Its hue can range from white to black, giving a light or dark appearance with its distinctive bands of color that swirl throughout. 

Onyx material has a highly durable surface, scratches are less frequent than on other types of furniture. It ensures that your table requires less maintenance and retains its unique charm for a longer period of time. It is not only visually appealing, but also extremely durable.

Combining Onyx and Natural Hues as a Furniture

The natural beauty of onyx combines with natural color shades which further support a calm atmosphere for your home. Furniture in earth tones is currently a trend. Neutral colors will look contrasting to your room, such as green or brown.

Onyx as table tops is commonplace. We will present a collection of onyx furniture that is different from before. In this furniture collection we present onyx as table legs with glass as table tops so you can enjoy the beauty of onyx from above while dining with family or as a console table that displays its sturdy and elegant side. 

We are glad to announce the Green Oasis collection are launched on April 29th. Visit our online and offline store to see the beauty of onyx, and grab yours.

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