How to Take Care of Marble Furniture

How to Take Care of Marble Furniture

Even though it has high value, taking care of marble furniture can be said to be quite easy and not too expensive. However, because it is made from natural rock, you have to care for it so it can remain durable.

Marble Furniture Care and Cleaning Tips

There are several tips that you can apply in caring for marble-based furniture. You must read these tips before deciding to buy marble furniture.

1. Clean the Table As Soon As It Get Stain

Because it is made from natural rock, marble-based furniture will stain more easily if it is not cleaned quickly. Tables that are stained should be cleaned immediately using a towel with warm water. Clean the stain carefully, and dry the table with a dry towel.

If the stain has been there for a long time, it is recommended to clean it using soapy water. Clean the stain using a damp towel that has been treated with warm soapy water. When the stain has been removed, wipe using a dry towel. Avoid rubbing marble furniture too hard to avoid scratches.

We ensure that all products pass strict quality control stages to create perfect final results. You don't need to worry about maintaining furniture from Marble&Co. Look forward to our newest furniture collection on April 29th 2024. An Onyx furniture collection that you have never seen before, combining natural colors to create a calm home atmosphere.

2. Avoid Acidic Stains and Sharp Objects

Avoid contact with acidic foods and beverages, which can cause black marks and permanent stains. Aside from that, you should avoid using sharp things to cut or slice your marble furniture directly on the furniture. This includes the usage of stainless steel scrubber.

This can result in scratches, reducing the natural beauty of marble furniture. Our marble furniture line has gone through a coating process to protect it from damage. Even so, you must keep it away from sharp objects to prevent harm. This also will undoubtedly improve your ability to care for the things around you. 

3. Protect Marble Surfaces with a Heat Resistant Mat

Marble material is often used for kitchen interiors. Of course, using marble as a tabletop will add a cool impression. In fact, the kitchen room is connected to hot objects such as stoves, ovens, microwaves, and so on. To keep your marble interior well maintained, protect the surface from hot objects.

As a solution, you can install a heat-resistant base such as cloth or wood before placing hot food or drinks. To make your marble collection more complete, Marble&Co provides a collection of beautiful marble coasters that are sturdy and thick, suitable for placing drinks so they can protect furniture from stains and heat. You can get a collection of marble coasters in our online shop.

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