Things You Should Know About Marble

Things You Should Know About Marble

Of course, you often encounter marble material everywhere. Marble is known as a material with quite fantastic prices. However, behind its high value, marble also has eternal beauty and advantages that other materials do not have.

What Is Marble?

Marble is a metamorphic rock, which formed from the transformations of existing rock types. Metamorphism actually means ‘change in form’, and happens when the original rock becomes subjected to extremely high levels of heat and pressure, which cause physical and chemical change as a result. Marble is a perfect example of metamorphic rock, as it is formed from limestone that has been put under that extreme heat and pressure.

Has a Variety of Colors

Even though it is made from nature, that doesn't mean marble doesn't have its appeal. In fact, the beauty of marble can be seen from its various color patterns. Marble has a natural color and will stand out in every corner of the room. However, not all marble has the same pattern. So that when it has been processed into an art piece or furniture, there are differences in pattern between one and another.

Art pieces and furniture from Marble & Co are made from 100% real marble. Of course, the products we produce have different patterns, but this does not eliminate the beauty of the natural color of the marble. At Marble & Co, we produce exclusive art pieces and furniture that are suitable for decorating your luxury living space.

Maintaining Room Temperature

There is no need to hesitate to install an interior made from marble because it is able to keep the room temperature cool. Marble-based interiors are very suitable for use in Indonesia, which has a tropical climate and tends to have hot weather. You can apply this marble interior to the kitchen or living room, where many people often gather.

Do you have a dream interior design for your home using marble? Leave it to Marble & Co. Not only creating art pieces and furniture, we can also help create marble interior installations for your luxury home. Discuss your wishes by contacting us.

Sturdy Material

One of the advantages of marble that you cannot find in other materials is its durability. Marble is a natural rock that is more resistant to scratches and stains than other materials. Marble also has the potential to last a lifetime if cared for properly.

Apart from that, marble also has a softer side because it is easier to produce various shapes of cuts and curves. Interested in collecting marble for your home or workplace? Explore the beauty of marble in our online catalog, and bring home the art pieces and furniture of your dreams to your home.

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