Why Does Sodalite Blue Marble Have A Valuable Price?

Why Does Sodalite Blue Marble Have A Valuable Price?

The beauty that radiates from the sodalite blue marble material makes everyone amazed. Not only used as an exterior material, sodalite blue is also processed into a neat work of art. Sodalite blue marble distinctive makes it highly valued by renowned architects and interior designers, particularly in sophisticated spaces.

This gemstone promotes tranquility and harmony. Owing to the blue color, which entices anybody who sees it. Some may question why sodalite blue marble material is so valuable. We'll try to explain it in this article.

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Sodalite Blue Marble Material

Sodalite Blue is a blue marble composed of lazulite, calcite, and pyrite. The combination of calcite and pyrite generates a unique stream, resulting in a velvety sea of cobalt with golden waves. 

Sodalite blue marble material has varying color characteristics. Apart from blue, sodalite blue marble also has hints of gray, white and a little green. This diverse color spectrum allows sodalite blue marble to fit into any design and be visually appealing.

Blue marble has appealing veining patterns that lend visual detail and depth to the stone. These veins can range from delicate and subtle to bold and dramatic, giving the stone a compelling appearance when used in larger areas such as countertops or floors.

They also had a smooth surface that was pleasing to touch. It is slightly porous, giving it a distinct appearance while staying functional for daily use. Blue marble's glossy appearance also makes it easier to clean and maintain. 

Some blocks of sodalite blue marble contain grainy crystals in them, causing small spots on the surface of the stone. This natural variation increases the visual appeal of the sodalite blue material.

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Why Does Sodalite Blue Marble Have A Valuable Price?

Blue marble has a timeless and traditional charm that defies trends. Its beauty has been recognized and used for centuries, making it a dependable option for anyone looking for a durable and exquisite material.

The natural blue color of sodalite blue marble exudes a pure beauty that is rarely found in other natural stone materials. Coupled with the unique vein pattern, it makes it a highly valuable material. Its hardness and solidity also make it resistant to scratches and cracking, so it will exhibit less wear and tear even after extensive use. 

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Exclusive Sculpture from Soda Blue Material

In the Elegance Creation collection, Marble & Co exclusively launched a sculpture made from solid marble with soda blue material. We created the Bullish sculpture from soda blue material. Bullish itself has the meaning of luck in the stock industry so that it increasingly exudes a luxurious and valuable image. 

This marble sculpture is included in the figure series from the Elegance Creation collection. You can find other marble sculpture collections from the figure series. Taurus Bullish is one of the best sellers from the marble sculpture collection. Apart from bullish, you can find other sculpture collections such as Woofy Puffy, Snowball the Bichon, and Willow the Rabbit. If you are interested in collecting marble sculpture, don’t hesitate to contact our team to get more info about the figure series. 

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