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Timeless Tide Hourglass

Timeless Tide Hourglass

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Have a countless time, and immerse yourself in elegance.

It is timeless in design and allows you to rotate the hourglass 180 degrees. It is made up of two glass bulbs joined by a short neck that allows sand or small grains to flow from the upper to the bottom bulb. This hourglass is suitable for counting time over an undetermined period of time such as playing chess, or measuring duration when reading or doing something. The Timeless Tide Hourglass has a design with four frames on the front, back, right and left sides which makes it easier for you to rotate the hourglass. At the bottom there is a base made of marble with white Valencian material which gives an elegant impression.

Material: Rolling white volakas

Size: D. 11,5 x 16,5 cm

Made By Marble, a Natural Stone as the name implies, are products of nature. Variations in texture, color, veining, and pattern will occur. These differences and disparities are part of what makes the stone beautiful. We are not responsible and will not accept complaints related to color discrepancies with photos.

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