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Marble Sculpture Edition | Savannah

Marble Sculpture Edition | Savannah

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Witness the sublime marriage of modern artistic innovation and classical grandeur in the KAWS sculpture, a breathtaking creation meticulously carved from the renowned White Carrara marble. This exceptional piece transcends traditional boundaries, weaving the distinctive characters of KAWS into the luminous fabric of Carrara's pristine white, creating an iconic fusion of contemporary expression and timeless elegance.

Carved with extraordinary precision, this KAWS sculpture in White Carrara marble epitomizes the harmonious blend of avant-garde aesthetics and the revered craftsmanship intrinsic to this exceptional stone. The signature characters, with their playful yet thought-provoking forms, find a new dimension as they come to life within the flawless expanse of Carrara's illustrious marble.

Size: 16.5x9x40 cm
Material: White Carrara
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