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Marble Sculpture Edition | SALVATOR

Marble Sculpture Edition | SALVATOR

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arvel at the extraordinary synthesis of contemporary artistry and classical grandeur in the KAWS sculpture, a masterful creation hewn from the prestigious Statuario marble.

This exquisite piece transcends the conventional boundaries of artistic expression, bringing to life the signature characters of KAWS with an unprecedented level of sophistication and grace, courtesy of the timeless beauty encapsulated within Statuario marble. Carved with meticulous precision, the KAWS sculpture in Statuario marble captures the essence of modernity, each line and curve telling a story of innovation and creativity. The inherent playfulness of KAWS' characters takes on a new dimension, as the radiant whiteness of Statuario marble becomes the stage for a captivating narrative that unfolds with each gaze.

Size: 18x9x40 cm
Material: Statuario marble
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