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Claudette Console Table

Claudette Console Table

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Claudette, half round console table with sleek luminous gold frame. When you're trying to find safer designed console for your living area, half round is one of best options. Looks miminalist but still compatible for classic home interior design. Aesthetic & eyes-pleaseing to the max.

120 x 37 x 75 cm

You can choose your favorite marble material as your top table, on frame we use White Volakas
But for selections we have:
- White Volakas
- Royal Black
- Beige
- Silvermint
- Carrara
- Travertine Onyx

Please write your material selections on note.

-Order Marble & Furniture Co. via Website, only will be sent INVOICE WEBSITE. - Furniture delivery will use an expedition from Marble & Co. - Marble & Co admin. will contact you regarding additional shipping costs. - Furniture orders will be processed after we receive additional shipping costs, and will be canceled if there is no agreement between the seller and the buyer.
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