4 Ideas To Decorate Your Marble Tray

4 Ideas To Decorate Your Marble Tray

More than just functional, marble trays can beautify your dressing table, kitchen, and powder room. Made from natural materials, it further shows the elegance of a marble tray as room decoration. For those of you who love neatness and like arranging rooms, marble trays should be on your bucket list as a must-have item in 2024.

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4 Ideas To Decorate Your Marble Tray

Running out of ideas to decorate your marble tray? Check out the following four ideas to further beautify every corner of the room with a marble tray.

1. Marble Tray as Jewelry Display

There are types of people who like to store jewelry in drawers and also types who only put jewelry on the table. If you are the type who likes to put jewelry on the table, a marble tray is the right choice for you. 

A marble tray can help you tidy up the jewelry placed on the table. So that the dressing table doesn't look messy, it's better to collect it on a marble tray, right? Marble & Co has a large selection of marble trays that are suitable for storing makeup. We recommend you Marble Ring Rounded Tray with three slots to place rings of different sizes. You can also put other small jewelry in this tray.

2. Marble Tray on A Side Table

With a variety of marble tray functions, you can use it to put anything and place it anywhere. In the bathroom as a soap holder, or on the dressing table as a jewelry holder.

You can also place a marble tray on the side table. Its function to display an art piece or flower vases. The marble tray will also further complement the side table which has a narrow impression. Marble & Co recommends Boundless Round Tray Small to be placed on the side table.

3. Marble Tray to Put Your Daily Essentials

Are you a lover of indoor fragrances such as diffusers? A marble tray is the right choice for placing a reed diffuser container. Apart from beautifying the appearance of the room, its function is also to prevent the reed diffuser from spilling directly onto the table. 

You can also put perfume, hand body, or other daily essentials. By placing it on the tray, it will be easier to reach. You can put this marble tray on your dressing table. One of the marble tray collections from Marble & Co that is suitable for storing your daily essentials is the Bacinella Tray and Boundless Round Tray from the Ethereal collection.

4. Marble Tray for Food Presenting

Perhaps you've seen food trays made of aluminum or wood. What about marble trays, though? This is something new to attempt for décor while also presenting a functional purpose.

Marble trays can be used to convey food or drinks offered to guests. Impress your guests by serving food using beautiful marble trays with a touch of natural patterns. All of our marble trays are coated with food-grade material, making them suitable for use as food presentation tools. 

Recommended marble trays that you can use to serve food are the Orrecio Octagonal Tray from the Ethereal collection and the Ringo Tray which has a unique shape. Our entire collection of marble trays is available in online and offline stores. Contact our team for more information about tray collections.

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